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Everything Must Go - TSC X ADAM GREENER


A collaboration with Los Angeles based Artist Adam Greener titled "Everything Must Go."

This is the first of our "Take Over" collaborations where we hand over the keys to the car and let someone else drive it like they stole it...This limited collection celebrates one of Adam's newest pieces in his signature doodle art style.

This work of Adam's is a candid flashback of a young boy's journey through the break up of his parents' marriage and the ensuing garage sale he was tasked to manage to get rid of all his dad's "stuff."

The coming together of this collection combines a mixture of high end reproduction, handmade custom parts and craft art applied to our packaging. The result is a journey into pop art with a mashup of irreverence and attention to detail.

Limited Edition Kit Includes:

- 44mm Bronze Watch with Eta 2824 Swiss Movement
- High Resolution Enamel Printed Dials - Each Dial Is A Different Vignette From The Artwork
- Custom Reversible Leather Strap With Silk Printed Vignettes From The Artwork
- Custom "Dad's Chair" Bespoke Strap
- Sacred Crafts Bronze & Seaglass (Made From Reclaimed Fishing Nets) Adjustable Link Bracelet
- Signed and Numbered High Resolution Cloth Print Reproduction Of The Artwork
- Hand Decorated Luxury Wood Gift Box With Hand Applied Stickers Of Adam's Art & Decoupage Box Lining From Cut From Vintage Playboys
- Custom Pencil Case Style Watch Travel Pouch
- Sticker Pack Of Adam's Doodles
- Certificate Of Authenticity
- User Manual
- 5 Year Warranty On Movement and Dial

This is a hand made, collectible watch. Each dial and strap are unique. Please contact us for any special request, personalization or customization. Ships in 7 days. Fully insured, global shipping available.


As a TV producer turned artist, Adam Greener has been a longtime storyteller. As a kid, Adam spent most of every 56-minute class period doodling in his spiral-bound, visual wanderings that often landed him in detention, repeatedly writing "| will not..." In his large-scale loose leaf canvases, seemingly torn from the notebook of a distracted grade-schooler, Adam Greener explores the ways in which the youthful imagination processes the chaotic swirl of social and cultural imagery that seeks to shape, stimulate, and confine it all at once. With his series of ink illustrations, created on handmade "notebook" sheets, he taps into his memories of his early visual preoccupations and re-presents them with a witty and subversive not-so grown-up eye.

Adam's art is not just an exploration of his own past but a mirror reflecting the universal, often turbulent journey of growing up. By revisiting relatable themes of adolescence- those formative years that are both uniquely personal and deeply shared - he invited viewers into a communal space of reflection. Through his work, Adam reminds us that despite our diverse paths, the core experiences of our formative years are a shared tapestry, women together by the common threads of joy, confusion, rebellion and discovery. His art becomes a bridge connecting the individual to the universal, the past to the present, and the imagined to the real, inviting all who encounter it to find a piece of their now story within his work.


In my journey as an artist, I've always sought to bring the intimate stories of my childhood and life's experiences into the tangible realm, allowing others to connect with the universal emotions they evoke. The collaboration with Sacred Crafts presented an exhilarating challenge and a novel canvas that transcended the traditional boundaries of art and timekeeping.

Creating a limited edition of 25 watches, each piece is a portal to my personal memories, intricately woven into the fabric of time itself. This project allowed me to delve into the minutiae of design, where every component, from the watch face to the box, the instructions, and the carrying case, became a narrative stage for my art.

This 'Take Over' collaboration with Sacred Crafts was more than an artistic endeavor; it was a harmonious dance between form and memory, function and story. By entrusting me with the 'keys to the car,' Sacred Crafts enabled a fusion of my signature doodle art style with the intimate craftsmanship of horology, resulting in a timepiece that is not just a keeper of time but a storyteller of life's fleeting moments.

Through this partnership, I was propelled into new realms of creativity, reimagining the very essence of my art on a watch—a canvas that ticks, reminding us of the perpetual motion of time and the enduring narrative of our lives."

5 Year Warranty

Free Shipping 100% Insured

Everything Must Go - TSC X ADAM GREENER

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Luxury Gift Box

Ships with a reclaimed wood "Bento Style" gift gift box that is numbered and organized to hold all included accessories.

Custom Handmade Straps

Each watch comes with an adjustable link bracelet, leather strap with real silk printed liner and a "Dad's Chair" fabric strap with leather liner.

Signed and Numbered Reproduction

Each watch is wrapped in a signed & numbered high quality fabric print reproduction of the artwork. Frame it up and add to your collection!

Custom Dials & Straps

Using a high resolution enamel printing process we created a hand full of unique vignettes from the original artist's work.

Each dial is totally unique and comes with a matching leather strap with silk printed art on the liner.

Découpage & Stickered Box

We added some unique elements to bring this collaboration to life. Adam designed some custom stickers that we tagged the boxes with and we lined the boxes with custom decoupage using vintage playboy magazines.

Adam Greener, Artist

Working with Adam on this project was a true pleasure and real adventure in translating such a unique art style onto watch craft.