Re-Issued, Mod Watches & Holiday Deals

Re-Issued, Mod Watches & Holiday Deals

Gift it or get it - Story time on your wrist, ready for the next adventure.

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Re-Issued, Mod Watches & Holiday Deals

La Grande Mer 44m Collection

Re-Issued / Mod Watches

Craftsman Straps 22mm

INDIES TRADER "Treasure Hunter" Limited Edition

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Our Watches Wear With The Wearer.

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From Adventure To Collection

The Birth of La Grande Mer Collection and a Revolution In Watchmaking.

Our first offering of crafted timepieces is a both a celebration of our love of Mother Earth and her Big Blue Ocean, and an expression of our commitment to keeping her healthy.

Our goal is very simple: to help stem the tide of pollution by using discarded boats and ocean debris to make a premium, yet affordable and collectable automatic watch.


Stories From the Mission

Nude at Home

Sometimes there's no better way to pass the time at home. Make sure your floors are up to the challenge! An already-broken-in feel with a clean & modern finish always says "WELCOME."


Kudmai Wood Flooring

Our Reclaimed Engineered Wood Flooring is Reborn From Vintage Boats. Vintage Meets Modern For Your Next Sustainable Design Project.

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Upgrade Your Mancave [Or She Shed]

Kudmai Carbonized Wall Cladding Brings a Splash of Vintage & Sustainability to Your Next Decor Project.

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Kudmai Wood Flooring