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Why Our Products Are Handcrafted

Why Our Products Are Handcrafted

Not all reclaimed wood products are created equal.

The nature of any product made with reclaimed materials means that the same characteristics that make it interesting - patina, wear and tear, and inherent seasoning - also represent physical challenges to long-term quality in manufacturing. Simply put, it's harder to make high quality products from secondary materials than it is from new materials. 

And yes, we are up for this challenge.

Our elevated quality standards require additional handcrafted processes. 

We set out to create a product we could not find on the market. To accomplish this, we applied a handcrafted approach to our Kudmai wood products. Every single board we produce requires hours of preparation - fixing holes, cracks, and cavities - to ensure the product is as stable as new wood.

Our goal was to develop a brand new category of products, not just another rustic wood product. We call this 'Vintage Modern' design.

The design team here at The Sacred Crafts has been involved in various product design and development categories: watches, optics, surfboards, motorsports, and tactical equipment. Each of these experiences have left a mark on our expectations of quality and level of refinement that goes into great products. Naturally, we apply this high standard to our Kudmai wood products. 

Unlike many reclaimed wood products on the market, we surface our Kudmai boards to ensure a flat and clean top layer.  Underneath the durable polyurethane finish lies all the characteristics worn into our Kudmai wood over a lifetime on the sea. This approach allows the wood to show off its natural patinas in a modern, luxurious wood product that can be enjoyed in the most refined building projects.

Modern design goes far beyond vintage thrift store aesthetics.

Pushing Limits.

Kudmai wood products break the mold for how to choose floor and wall coverings. Our products contain multiple types of wood and each plank possesses its own uniqueness. Some boards contain a single species, some boards incorporate wood plugs, and some boards are hand-joined from multiple pieces [+ species] of wood. These variances create a material that is beyond the standard species-specific wood.

An FSC-certified eucalyptus plywood base coupled with tongue & groove construction support the characteristics of a modern and sustainable building material.

We believe in products infused with real stories.

We believe in an excessive amount of detail in unexpected places.

Considering the amount of time and people that will grace the presence of any new building project, doesn't it make sense that your materials hold a story that's waiting to be let out?

We adorn our walls with art to express our aesthetics. We fuss over wall paint colors and appliances. Why not consider the floorboards beneath our feet? Kudmai products answer this opportunity with a rich story of a life on the sea, and the well-intended reality that we are cleaning up coastal regions while providing income to those who need it.

Want to add Kudmai wood products to your next sustainable build? Contact for more information.