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Why Limited Edition Watches RULE The Game

Why Limited Edition Watches RULE The Game

I used to sell dozens and hundreds of watches a day, day over day, week over week and I don't even want to talk about the holidays...

Think that makes you money? Well, it does for some, but for most independent watch brands, it creates an unbreakable chain of cash flow drama, fundraising, paid media, returns, chargebacks, nightmare customers and the liability of inventory that is worth less and less with each passing day. It creates teams of "design by committee" that water down the true pursuit of excellence in design and eventually burns out the flame of passion that started the whole thing in the first place.

Then you get to your "Jerry Maguire" moment, light the match and burn yourself up in a fiery protest...So What comes next?

While i was slowly losing faith in watchmaking (see above), I was fortunate enough to have the chance to work on some high end-limited edition watch projects with monumental brands like the Boston Red Sox and Jim Beam. Experiencing the emotional reaction to the products I created for these fervent communities of consumers, I realized there is a place in the market to only do this...and so after the flames burned out on my self-induced career suicide, I changed focus and built a brand to harness this emotional space and story telling in watch design. This is how The Sacred Crafts brand came to be.

Nothing is easy so i won't say it was, but launching in 2020 was a whole new kind of HARD. But we made it.

All we do is limited edition. Every piece is designed from the ground up. Every corner and facet are given attention. All our pieces are numbered, certified and once they are gone, they won't be made again. Every customer is special and can be attended to & brought into the brand. We sell less, work harder and feel every sale as not only winning money but winning a place in a community that has so many options...just earning a place is enough (told you...Jerry Macguire moment).

That's the reason why we only do limited edition. It is enough. Not many businesses build their model on "enough" - quite often it is "never enough."

Our collection story of 500 watches in La Grande Mer 44m represents this vision. We could never tell this story on a large scale. We could never get the world to buy into a watch like this. We don't need to. We only made a limited amount and we put our hearts and souls into that limited amount.

The good news is there will be more. If you miss this collection or it just does't appeal to you, don't worry, our future collections might be more your flavor. The good news is, we are not flooding the market with watches that define themselves by being a cheaper version of a more expensive watch. If you care about where your food comes from and enjoy the fresh feeling of the local coffee shop that has all the right touches, we're here for you in that way...stay in touch with our mission on instagram and get a piece of our first collection while we still have them. We offer Global shipping on all watches so theres not reason to let distance get in the way of your Limited Edition watch from The Sacred Crafts. 

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