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Goonies Never Say "Die"

Goonies Never Say "Die"

For those of us who grew up on Goonies, Indiana Jones and Romancing the Stone, Hollywood Cool can take on some interesting forms.

The adventure and exotic cultures draw most of us in. The way Hollywood can bring this fantasy to life in perfect accuracy can hypnotize us into not even realizing what we are seeing is not real.

Josh Scott is part of the world behind this. The world of antiquities, shipwrecks, period costume and antique firearms is an overlooked high craft that blends history, art and the realities of a world much less connected than it is today.

As we gear up for some top secret product collaborations for 2021, I had a chance to sit with Josh to pick his brain, and understand a bit more about the passion that drives collectors and historians to this craft.

The conversation went a little like this:

JS - "My dad and i went to our first coin show together when I was around 11 years old. When he started to explain how so much about what was going on hundreds of years ago was documented just in currency, I only kind of got it. Fast forward 18 years of research, study and I can honestly say my world view has been shaped by the study of these coins. Gold was connected to currency, connected to power and to exploration, conquest, commerce - this is what shaped the world we've come to live in and it's fascinating."

TSC - Seems like a passion for firearms fits into this as well. As a designer i can't help but to notice how much crazy detail are in these firearms. It's hard to imagine a life an times where this was common place.

JS - "Well this pistol would have been part of a captain's formal set of attire and equipment. It would have been commissioned specifically to a luxury gunsmith and carefully crafted to a level of art along with his coat, hat and boots."

TSC - So basically Pirates of the Caribbean or Master and Commander type sh*t.

JS - "Funny you put it this way, alot of the work and restoration business ends up supplying movies with historically accurate props for all kinds of shots."

[interest beginning to peak...]

TSC - So that's were all that stuff comes from? Collectors and craftsmen who preserve these antiquities and their stories?

JS - "Now you see what we see. The idea that we can collect these stories and preserve the art that goes into these items is a lifetime pursuit and a calling."

TSC - What's on the horizon for 2021?

JS - "Assuming all goes according to our plan [not covid-19's] we're off to the coast of Florida to excavate a 400 year old wreck. After years and years of permitting, its finally ready to come to the surface."

TSC - Ok that's amazing can I stow away in your pelican case? I'm pretty flexible.

JS - [Shaking his head to say "not a chance"] "Sure lemme see what I can do."

TSC - Ok well at least send us some sneaky behind the scenes and don't forget to breathe underwater...

...more on this chapter coming 2021.